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Are you cheating yourself out of a healthy life?

By May 19, 2016Health

Humans are curious and delicate beings often unaware of their full potential, and oblivious to the long-term effects of their actions. Our perception shapes the world around us, and it is capable of forming pictures that are appealing, albeit far from a true reflection of reality. Whenever an easy way out seems possible, our mind is tempted to take it. That is how cognitive distortions, the deviations from a rational line of thinking occur. This brings temporary relief, and helps us cope with everyday challenges. One of the consequences, however, is that many people manage to talk themselves out of a healthy lifestyle.

More harm than good 

Building healthy habits is a lengthy, demanding process. The first step on a thousand mile journey is making a plan. Do not expect immediate results and note that the payoff comes only later. This realization enables you to avoid losing interest in the endeavor and running out of steam. Furthermore, set realistic targets and do not push the panic button if you fail to hit the mark. Being better off today than you were yesterday is an improvement. However, the progress slope is not always an upward one, and you may have to go through many peaks and valleys.

Another pitfall to avoid is global labeling. It involves the practice of assigning various labels to yourself in order to find excuses for your predicament. A person who does not truly want to exercise may say something like: “I was never a sporty type” or “the season premiere is tonight”. Do not impose such limitations on yourself and work on your flaws. A similar thing happens when people go on to predict the outcome of their actions in a negative way. They justify inactivity and passive behavior inducing a self-fulfilling prophecy of personal fizzle.

The big picture 

It is high time to put an end to such thoughts and deal with other discouraging notions. See them for what they are, and do not delay the first day of the rest of your life. Focus on key aspects of healthy living and start taking steps promptly. Bear in mind that proper nutrition is the backbone of your efforts, and goes hand in hand with physical activity. Thus, figure out how many calories you should be taking on a daily basis, and identify whole foods that hold essential nutrients. Cook at home and use more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Steer away from junk food, and muse on it only as an occasional treat.

Fill the nutrient gaps with dietary supplements, but ensure that you are opting for trusted manufactures whose label claims match the content of the products. Optimum nutrition gold standard whey is a safe bet as it serves as a perfect energy booster, which gets you through the day with a bang. The renewed vigor provided by a healthy diet will support your project to get back in shape. Bid farewell to hours of sitting with your eyes glued to the screen and days when you cannot seem to do anything. Once you gain a footing and set your plan in motion, it will be much easier to become healthy as a horse.

Take action 

Healthy habits are one of those things the benefits of which no one disputes, yet most people fail to embrace. To avoid the same mistake, grasp the true meaning of your actions, whether you are postponing the inevitable, sugarcoating things or beating around the bush. Do not entertain self-defeating thoughts and face the grim realities in order to reclaim control over your life. Sport empowering decisions and hard choices. They will allow you to get out of bed earlier, have a more productive workday, and gain a realistic picture of your life. Celebrate your small victories, and never lose sight of the ultimate goal.


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