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Benefits of Fish Collagen

Fish collagen is basically a structural protein that can help the skin, hair, ligaments, nails, joints, eyes, bones, gums, muscles, blood vessels and tendons remain strong and flexible. It’s classified as a type-one collagen, the most extensive collagen in human beings. Type-one collagen provides a solid foundation for gorgeous skin, sturdy bones as well as strong connective tissues.

Fish collagen peptides all have particular amino-acid compositions with high proportions of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.

Whenever you consume collagen obtained from fish, some hydroxyproline peptides are converted into amino acids, while some remain in the blood. The remnants stimulate cells in your skin, bones and joints, thus leading to the synthesis of collagen through activation and growth of cells.

Fish collagen supplements are made using scales, fins, skin as well as bones obtained from both saltwater and freshwater fish. Given that these parts are classified as waste products during the processes of fish processing, utilizing them to form supplements plays an important role in minimizing environmental pollution.

Why should I consume fish collagen?

There are various sources of collagen, but fish are the best source. Even though animal collagen sources have various benefits, collagen obtained from fish has the best absorption rate as well as best bioavailability because of their small sizes. Bioavailability is a very important factor because it determines the effectiveness of all the nutrients that you consume.

Unlike bovine collagens or porcine collagens, marine collagen has greater bioavailability and is also absorbed into the body more efficiently and effectively. It’s regarded as the best source of collagen for medical purposes because of how efficiently it enters into the bloodstream.

The ability of fish collagen to be easily absorbed into the body is attributed to its low molecular size and weight that allows it to be absorbed at higher levels via the intestinal barrier, into your bloodstream, where it is further carried throughout the entire body. This results in the synthesis of collagen in the skin dermis, joint tissues as well as other important body systems.

Since people may find it difficult to eat parts (scales, fins, skin as well as bones) that are particularly rich in collagen, most people prefer to purchase fish collagen supplements or make their own home-made fish stock.

Interesting facts about fish collagen

1. The first time that collagen was officially extracted from fish was in the year 1985.

2. Its rich in both non-essential & essential amino acids.

3. It is also referred to as marine collagen, although later can also be obtained from jellyfish and shellfish.

4. In certain parts of S. America, the heads of fish are boiled alongside herbs and vegetables to form nutrient-dense stock that is rich in collagen and then served in special dishes known as caldillo de congrios.

Nutritional composition

A 10g serving of fish collagen contains the following; 45 calories, 0.04 mg iron, 9.4g protein, 0.05mg calcium, 10mg sodium as well as 0.07mg potassium.

fish collagen

Benefits of fish collagen

1. Anti-aging

Given that it’s a type one collagen, the same material that makes up your skin, fish collagen is obviously beneficial to your skin. It prevents and also gets rid of aging signs.

If you start taking this type of collagen, your skin will become smoother. Very few or absolutely no wrinkles will form on your skin even as you grow older. Other benefits include; better moisture retention and enhanced suppleness.

Hydrolyzed fish collagen comprises of small and low-molecular weight peptides that make it easy for the processes of digestion, absorption, and distribution.

According to a recently conducted scientific study whose results were published in the Open-Nutraceuticals Journal, regular consumption of fish collagen plays a significant role in hydration, reduction of wrinkles as well as elasticity. The scientists’ conclusion was that collagen is a weapon that can be effectively used to minimize or completely get rid of aging signs.

2. Action against harmful bacteria

Most people are not aware that fish collagen contains an element known as collagencin, an anti-bacterial peptide. Collagencin can completely prevent the growth of staph/ Staphylococcus aureus, bacteria that causes the staph infection.

Staph infection is a highly infectious disease and the bacterium that causes it usually resides in the nose or skin surface.

For this reason, collagen obtained from fish can be a bountiful source of anti-microbial peptides that can significantly enhance food safety and general human health as well.

3. Healing and regeneration of bones

Food scientists and nutritionists have discovered that collagen obtained from fish is capable of boosting the body’s natural collagen production. Collagen peptides, for instance, can improve the health of your bones by improving their mineral density and applying anti-inflammatory effects on osteoarthritis.

Recently, a scientific study was carried out to establish the relationship between fish collagen peptides and the manufacture, mineralization as well as the quality of the body’s collagen. Scientists who conducted the study discovered that fish collagen positively affects the synthesis and quality of the body’s collagen. They also discovered that it played a significant role in the mineralization of bone-manufacturing cells in vitro.

4. Enhanced protein intake

Are you aware that fish collagen consists of more than 97% protein, and has absolutely no carbohydrates or sugars? For this reason, it’s among the world’s best protein foods.

Are you also aware that this food type has a highly distinctive amino-acid profile? Amino acids are essentially organic compounds that merge to form proteins. Our bodies’ building blocks are proteins as well as amino acids.

Enhancing your consumption of proteins (through taking collagen) gives you the liberty to enhance your workouts, have an improved post-workout recovery and also avoid muscle loss. Additional proteins in the diet can also help you to manage your weight.

5. Faster healing of wounds

Collagen plays an important role in the healing of wounds because it assists in the formation of new tissue. Providing your body with type-one collagen, in particular, facilitates prompt healing of wounds, mainly because the dermal matrix is primarily made up of type-one collagen.

Collagen doesn’t provide structural support only. It, together with other fragments derived from collagen, control various cellular functions like; determination of cell shapes, synthesis of various proteins, cell differentiation and cell migration.

Additionally, collagen plays a significant role in all the wound-healing phases, including; hemostasis, remodeling, inflammation as well as proliferation (not necessarily in that order).

Therefore, consuming fish collagen is the safest bet for anyone who wants his/her wounds to heal within a few days.

How to make the right choice

Marine Collagen TabletsFish collagen supplements can be purchased online as well as at your nearest health outlet in the form of pills, powder or liquid.

Choose a product made by a highly regarded company. Additionally, the product ought to be gluten-free and not genetically modified. Ideally, it should contain no fillers, artificial preservatives, sugar or artificial flavors.


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